About us

Likwid High Performance Programming is a university spin-off originated at the HPC group of the Regional Computing Center Erlangen (RRZE). We provide our knowledge and experience in the area of structured performance engineering to industry partners. Likwid was founded in 2009 by Jan Eitzinger, who also serves as CEO. Encouraged by various requests from industry we want to help companies to improve the performance of their codes and increase the efficiency on current processor generations.


We offer in-house Workshops and Tutorials about Node-level Performance Engineering. Over the years we developed an extensive curriculum which is constantly updated and improved. Workshops can last from 1 day up to 1 week and cover lectures and optional hands-on sessions.

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You have a performance issue and are unsure how to proceed? We assist you in analyzing your performance and to identify opportunities to increase your performance.

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Research Projects

You are in the process in deciding on a major strategical decision for the future of your software or product? We offer joint research projects to investigate questions for your specific problems.

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Likwid High Performance Programming
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